The company, formerly known as Tri Nguyen Co., Ltd., now named ECO TRI NGUYEN CHAU DUC GREEN FARM Joint Stock Company, was established in 2010 and operates in the production of CORN SILAGE. As a pioneering company in this field in Vietnam, it has grown steadily over more than 10 years, gaining trust from both domestic and international customers.

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Factory scale: 14 hectares.

  • Current raw material area: 800 hectares, with plans to expand to 2,000 hectares by 2025 to ensure a stable, sustainable supply of high-quality raw materials.
  • Monthly production capacity: 30,000 – 40,000 Tons/month, with increasing production for the coming years.
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Advantages of ECO TRI NGUYEN CHAU DUC GREEN FARM Joint Stock Company:

  • The company possesses a large farm area suitable for cultivating Maize plants under a closed-loop model, from seed sources, organic fertilizers, and non-toxic plant protection methods. This extends to cultivation techniques, harvest, meeting customer demands for both quantity and quality domestically and internationally.
  • Stringent checks are applied to raw materials from seeds to cultivation processes, up to harvesting and transportation to the factory.
  • The farm has a clean irrigation water source, avoiding contaminants or harmful bacteria that might hinder plant growth.

  • The Maize cultivation area is remote from residential areas, minimizing the risk of disease outbreaks.
  • Maize plants are harvested using machinery.


  • Maize plants are harvested between 90 to 105 days.
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  • Raw materials are directly harvested on the farm (fields).


  • Harvested products are transported directly from the farm to the factory, then processed and packaged.
  • Packaging specifications: 655 kg/jumbo bag, and fermentation for 7-10 days.

Current products include:

  • Thickness: 0.5 – max 2cm
  • Moisture content: 60 – max 67%

99% Maize plants + 1% Sugary sap

97% Maize plants + 3% Corn cob husks

99% Maize plants + 1% Probiotics

Corn cob husks (Pineapple waste)


  • Container packing: 24 – 26 tons / 1 container 40HC / 40 jumbo bags
  • Container packing: 12 – 13 tons / 1 container 20’ / 20 jumbo bags
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Besides the current Maize fermentation products, the company plans to introduce new products such as:

  • Fermented dried sour Maize plants in block form
  • Fermented dried sour Maize plants in compressed tablet form
  • Fermented sour Maize plants for TMR mixing
  • Fermented pineapple waste, Fermented dried pineapple waste in block form, Fermented dried pineapple waste in compressed tablet form.